Instructor bio:
Eric Lowe began studying Medieval German longsword in 2013 under world-renowned instructor Tristan Zukowski of the New York Historical Fencing Association (NYHFA).  Quickly becoming competitive across the southeast, his dedication to the art drove him to found Swordwind in 2015.  Representing NYHFA in Charlotte, Swordwind students practice both German and Italian styles of historical fencing, competing in regional and national tournaments.  In only two years the club has grown dramatically, attracting a variety of students who share an enthusiasm for swords, history, and competitive martial arts. 

Class Descriptions:
Longsword Fundamentals(Saturdays, 9:00-10:30 AM)
In this class, beginning students are introduced to the foundations of longsword.  Appropriate for both teens and adults, Longsword Fundamentals teaches sword safety, cutting, and sparring, grounded in both historical and contemporary practice.  All sword students begin with Longsword Fundamentals.

Sidesword(Mondays, 8:00-9:30 PM)
Matching longsword in versatility and aggression, the sidesword brings a unique elegance and precision to the study of historical European martial arts. For students interested in single-handed combat, Swordwind offers classes in this Italian tradition.  Open to all students upon completion of Longsword Fundamentals.

Longsword Intensive (Wednesdays, 8:00-9:30 PM)
Where fundamentals introduces students to the basics of longsword technique, weekly intensive classes put them into practice in the ring.  Here, students gear up and drill their new skills through intense partner practice and full contact sparring.  This class is open to all students upon completion of Longsword Fundamentals.

Swordwind Historical Swordsmanship

Instructor: Eric Lowe